I am a professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Systems at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), campus Cuajimalpa.

My current research interests are the application of nature-inspired metaheuristic techniques for solving optimization problems, particularly combinatorial and with multiple objectives. The use of population-based techniques for solving optimization problems is continuously increasing, as these kind of problems appears in a number of situations in real life. Many of these problems are of a combinatorial nature, this means that we have to find the best sequence or subset of the parameters involved to reach the optimal solution. As the number of parameters increases, the difficulty to find the optimal solutions becomes harder, and if we are conscious that a large amount of problems have more than one objective to optimize, this task grows to be too much harder.

Some applications I am interested in are:

  • Search-based software engineering

  • Vehicle routing problems

  • Printed circuit board assembly

  • Portfolio optimization

  • Community detection and information diffusion in social networks